What we read this week (18 May 2018)

Welcome to Things we read this week, a weekly post featuring articles from around the internet recommended by BMJ’s Digital Group members. These are articles we’ve read and liked, things that made us think and things we couldn’t stop talking about.

eBay is experimenting with Progressive Web Apps

Traditional websites require an internet connection to function. And we’ve all experienced the limitations of an intermittent internet connection during our daily commutes and journeys. eBay have realised the importance of an internet connection when selling to people who are on the move, hence eBay is experimenting with Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

ARC Publishing now think of themselves as a technology and engineering company

ARC Publishing from the Washington Post talking about their platform and how they operate. They now think of themselves as a technology and engineering company. Lots about how they experiment with new social media platforms, digital subscriptions, etc. – Helen King

GDPR, Only one week to go

GDPR has been high on the agenda for most businesses over the last 12 months. I’ve never experienced so many emails from companies asking me if I still want to be on their mailing list. Here’s a final checklist from Techradar

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