Webinar “BMJ, “From 2-stars to 5-stars””

by Box UK


When digital channels play a critical role in delivering information and services to your users, it’s vital that they’re as useful, usable and accessible as possible. So how can you ensure your users can find what they need quickly and easily – particularly if you’re dealing with large amounts of complex content?
This webinar provides attendees with the chance to hear directly from BMJ, an organisation that has tackled this very challenge and turned their Best Practice App from a 2-star to a 5-star service as a result. BMJ Product Manager Elin Goodwin will demonstrate how improvements across both the app’s User Experience (UX) and technical performance have significantly enhanced its search functionality, and enabled content to be downloaded almost 70% faster than before – enabling over 100,000 medical professionals worldwide to easily access vital diagnosis and treatment information relating to over 1,000 topics, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

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