What we read this week (13 April 2018)

Welcome to Things we read this week, a weekly post featuring articles from around the internet recommended by BMJ’s Digital Group members. These are articles we’ve read and liked, things that made us think and things we couldn’t stop talking about.

The future of scientific article formats

Following on from James Somers excellent piece in the Atlantic about the future of scientific papers.  Luis Pedro Coelho has put together a more pessimistic, but probably more realistic, response suggesting that the future of the scientific papers is probably a PDF. In a slightly older post Björn Brembs outlines the seven functionalities that he thinks the scholarly literature should have. Björn makes some good suggestions and submission should be easier.  We did some experiments many years ago with a “people who read this article also read this” service but it was a flop. TrendMD’s more sophisticated recommendation algorithms work much better for BMJ. How to best support for TDM is something we would really like input from the community on.  Continue reading “What we read this week (13 April 2018)”

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