Unlocking 100 years of scientific papers: How Scholarcy partnered with BMJ to further I4OC

Reference mining is fundamental to the creation of citation networks and rich, discoverable digital libraries. In recent years, a number of tools have been developed to address this need, but they are often limited by input format, infrastructure requirements and runtime performance. The most recent developments in this space have focused on reference mining PDFs from arts and humanities literature, but there’s a growing need for a fast, accurate way of extracting and parsing references from a wide range of documents and formats across the full research landscape.

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Initiative for Open Citations

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of citations. At first look, they’re a list of publications at the bottom of a page, but at scale they represent the building blocks of scientific knowledge in its entirety. Traditionally there hasn’t been a way to access 99% of these citation data without paying for it. Here’s where the Initiative for Open Citations (i4OC) comes in. Launched last week, i4OC serves to promote the availability of structured, separable and open scholarly citation data.
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