Kudos and BMJ announce new partnership

BMJ and Kudos have announced a new partnership to support the research dissemination needs of authors publishing in BMJ’s portfolio of more than 60 journals.

The Kudos Publisher Partner Programme gives publishers the opportunity to support their author communities in copyright-compliant sharing. In return, they benefit from both the additional high quality usage this generates, and the intelligence on which channels and networks are being used for sharing, and to what effect – including scholarly collaboration networks, via the new Kudos shareable PDF.

“Helping our authors adopt and benefit from new ways of sharing information about their work is a priority for us,” said Allison Lang, Publishing Director at BMJ. “Broadening the reach of our publications to wider audiences such as policy makers, industry, the media and public is also key – and Kudos helps our authors do that through simple summaries and contextual links to help tell their research stories. We are also excited to be an early partner for Kudos’ new shareable PDF, which will help us better understand and engage with authors’ use of scholarly collaboration networks.”

“Kudos helps publishers track how authors’ outreach efforts vary by journal or specialist community, and enables them to provide appropriate support and guidance, both to authors themselves, and to their society partners,” continued Charlie Rapple, Sales and Marketing Director at Kudos. “The sharing landscape is becoming ever more complex. At Kudos, we are working to provide an evidence base of dissemination efficacy to researchers and publishers so that they can work together to optimise the potential impact of research publications.”

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