How to listen to BMJ articles using Firefox

Hat tip to M.G. Siegler for alerting us to the narrate feature in Firefox. To listen to a BMJ article in Firefox:

  1. Go to a BMJ article for example:
  2. Go to the Reader View by clicking on the Reader View reader mode icon 57 icon in the address bar
  3. Then click on the “Narrate” button on the left hand side
  4. Listen and visually follow along to the text. You can change the voice to have a British or American accent.


9 articles published in The BMJ & BMJ Journals feature in the Altmetric Top 100 research articles!

9 articles published from The BMJ & BMJ Journals feature in the Altmetric Top 100 research articles this year! The Top 100 is an annually released list of academic papers that have received the most attention in the previous year from sources tracked by data science company Altmetric. This includes coverage in the mainstream media, shares and discussions on social networks and blogs, references in Wikipedia and public policy documents, and comments on post-publication peer-review forums.

You can view Altmetric’s full list here and listen to the Altmetric podcast here!

Preparing to handle dynamic scholarly content: Are we ready?

Historically, journals might expect a few ‘Letters to the Editor” to discuss ‘matters arising’ after an article was published. But scholarly communications are becoming much more dynamic, with versions posted as ‘preprints’ before publication, corrections after publication, and potentially multiple versions of the same study appearing at different times. How should we handle this changing landscape for the benefits of researchers and consumers of the literature?

Download the slides from Theo Bloom’s (Executive Editor, The BMJ) talk at Crossref Live 2017 in Singapore

An A-Z list of scholarly publishing platforms (Updated 16 April 2018)

Inspired by Ian Mulvany’s tweet about Vega Academic Publishing System (which does look interesting, especially the partnership with Oslo School of Architecture and Design). We thought we would publish the list of publishing platforms that we keep an eye on.  The list is a bit of a jumble and includes a number of platforms like Aletheia, PubPub and Authorea aimed at authors who want to self-publish. Publishers like Elsevier, Springer, and John Wiley who run their own platforms but don’t open them up to other publishers aren’t listed. If we’ve got something wrong or you want to add a platform please let us know via the comments. Continue reading “An A-Z list of scholarly publishing platforms (Updated 16 April 2018)”

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