2017 in review: Pubtechgator’s most read stories

Just before we head into 2018 here’s a look back at what’s been happening on Pubtechgator this year. Here are the top ten most read stories for 2017, covering various topics including the impact of the ‘digital duopoly’ hoovering up 60% of global digital ad market, a new cryptocurrency for investigative journalism, changes at PLOS, augmented reality, automated journalism, chatbots and a smartwatch that uses your body heat to charge.

1: Ad companies struggle to adapt to a new world
2: PressCoin is a cryptocurrency for investigative journalists and their readers
3: 2nd Request for Proposals for Mozilla Science Mini-Grants is NOW OPEN!
4: Matrix PowerWatch: The smartwatch powered by your body heat
5: An Open Letter to the Community from PLOS CEO, Alison Mudditt
6: Chatbots can save you from trying to diagnose that cough yourself
7: Google’s Chatbase bot analytics platform opens to all
8: 7 metrics for monitoring your chatbot’s performance
9: UK newspapers start publishing first joint human and robot articles
10: A reality check about augmented reality in journalism

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